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I am a Danish Freelancer. Being ‘nerdy’ about things and my work have helped me into doing what I do today. I do SEO and lead generation, which I love!

Creating new campaigns, testing new ideas and analysing results are my routine, which help me to keep on learning. Search engine optimisation has so many different, fun and creative perspectives. Sometimes i like looking at SEO tactics as a riddle to find the hidden treasure, website visitors and leads. Creative riddles make my work fun.

Why? Because these are the ones getting the most unique value to the webpages of my clients. Simple as that.

I will always be looking for the most rewarding ones. Even though they can be difficult.

This does not mean, that I wont be doing a lot of traditional techniques that works as well. This just means, that when I do find something unique that drives more traffic, I will be super excited. Like a little kid getting candy on a friday night.

I do like what I am doing and I would gladly help you out, if I have time.

Drop me a line down below and i’ll hit you up.

All the best

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Travel Often

Enjoy Testing New Ideas

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